Weather needs to make up its mind.

Hi all,

Just added two recipes. One is an awesome summer recipe for when it is warm, one of my favorite japanese AND fish dishes, Salmon Shioyaki. The other is just a variant of Italian Wedding Soup I made on the fly. A quick little meal for the unexpected storm.

As always, Enjoy! :D


It’s almost BBQ time!

Summer is upon us. Eventually. Maybe. Utah is still pretty bipolar with the weather. It’s kinda making me crazy. But such is life!

With the good weather quickly approaching, it will be time for many BBQs. At my current residence, I can at least expect once a week.

My list of things to document and share with my friends:
Amazing sauces and marinades!
Perhaps an attempt to recreate the divine awesomeness of Basque Norte marinade!
Build an awesome smoker. (not cooking but still)
Experiment with dips and sauces (White Chicken Enchilada Queso dip, anyone?)
CAMP FOODS! Gotta get me some dutch oven lovin. Maybe do some home made beef jerky, even if it won’t be as good as Nate’s.


Hi friends!

So I have this co-worker of mine, a pretty awesome person. She’s not quite a vegetarian, the only meat she’ll eat is fish, and she loves her fish. Anyways, it’s made me think a lot about fish recipes and maybe other vegetarian dishes as well. Jared and Holly, I understand if you HATE it, given the fish content and all. But it’s good! I promise! Nothing I make is bad. My clan won’t allow it.

So, here’s the couple of things I have swimming (HA!) around in my head

Pan-seared Dill Salmon with a Cucumber vinaigrette!
Yeah, this one will be way good. I can feel it in my bones. So basically, just pan sear the salmon with dill and some nice salted butter. Check, ready go. Easy enough right? Grillin’ it would be mighty tasty too, I’m sure.

Anyways, for the cucumber, basically a mashup of cucumber, rice vinegar, lemon juice and then I dunno, maybe a little sesame oil? Make it almost like a gyoza sauce or something. add a little soy as well. I’ll have to experiment with it more to see how I feel.

Tuna Kara-age Tacos!

Okay. Who knows what kara-age is? Anyone? Okay, didn’t think so. It’s super amazing delicious wonderful japanese fried chicken, with garlic and ginger, and a little soy. So good. Anyways, I want to take this and run with it. Mix the east with the west, you know? I want to make a batch of tuna, kara-age style, and then put it in a taco, with some guacamole, lime and shredded cabbage. I bet it will be super tasty!

Garlic Lime Shrimp Skewers

This one needs little explanation. Step one, rub some salt, cracked pepper, and garlic on some shrimp. Step two: skewer them, throw on grill for a couple minutes till cooked. DO NOT OVERCOOK! Step three: squeeze fresh lime on. Tah dah! Simple, but super amazing, if shrimp is your thing.

Vegetarian Sukiyaki

Yeah, another japanese dish. Sukiyaki is super amazing, and easy to make vegetarian too. Basically instead of using a little dashi, like I normally do, I’d just hydrate a couple of dried shittakes, and use those. Man, so amazing, even vegetarian style (made it that way when I went on a date with a vegetarian long ago).

Anyways, got a buddy about to do his first solo flight. Hopefully I’ll post recipes for these when I get to play around more. Ciao!


Freakin’ Heck!

So, I was lazy in updating my blog, so someone inserted a neat little hack that would spam with my RSS feed. So basically, I’ve reinstalled the blog, and reworked any affected recipes. Sorry folks!

Also, check out the new salsa recipe I posted this morning.


Long time no update!

Hi all! I’ve recently done a couple of updates. First, I updated to the latest wordpress, made my blog all nice and secure (for now). Good times. Second, I’ve added a new and talented author, Marie. She’s great, and her first post on Margarita Cupcakes is already super awesome.

Also, some other cool upgrades. I’ve bought a domain for the site now, in hopes that I’ll get some new traffic, and to make it prettier.

So enjoy! :) Please register and share your comments on different recipes as well!